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Prekas traditional products
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Traditional Drinks

Summertime tradition in the Cyclades has it to place glass jars filled with sour cherries, or spices, or both, under the sun to make sweet drinks. Following old recipe notebooks, today we present our Sour Cherry Liqueur in a 200ml glass bottle and our Kanelada Liquer in a 600ml glass bottle.

Serve them in a shot glass, or a liquor small glass with crushed ice. Ideal to invent your own cocktails or add them to your dessert creations

Τύρι Γροθοτύρι

Syros Cheese

Join forces with a local creamery in Syros, we created two cheeses. Matured at different levels and of different taste intensity, both of them have rich flavour and aromas. The one is the “Amaranthos Syros Cheese”, a local hard cheese with compact flesh from cow milk with fennel seed. The other one is the “Marathotyraki Syros”, a mild cheese ball of 500gr.

Marathotyraki Syros in ball, 500gr.

Amaranthos Syros Cheese, 1kg.

Αλάτι φυσικό με πιπέριαΑλάτι φυσικό


"Afrina" or the flower of salt, is considered to be the purest of table salts as well as a marine salt of supreme quality. A salt of unique texture and brightly white, “Afrina” preserves its natural moist.
Collected by hand in the form of flakes from the surface of the sea, we package our salt in our facilities in glass jars. Use it for everyday cooking, feel the tiny salt crystals dissolve in your mouth. Εnjoy the subtle and aromatic flavour.
Creating another version, we mix natural salt with various peppers. We harmoniously blend different flavours, marrying natural sea salt with black, green and pink pepper in order to give a delicate aftertaste and a spark in your creations.

Afrina in 300gr package.

Salt mixed with natural peppers in 200gr package.


Syros Caper

The famous caper of Syros at its best. The fruit, berries, sprouts and leaves kept in salt and packed to preserve their freshness and flavor and give an exquisite flavour combination. Sweet and salty, with the aroma of the sea and rich in vitamin E, Syros caper highlights the culinary peculiarities of the island and is regarded as one of the best in Greece. Ideal for cooking and salads.

Caper berries in 250gr and 3kg glass packages.

Caper sprout in 150gr, 250gr, 450gr and 3kg packages.

Caper leaves in 150gr, 250gr, 450gr and 3kg packages.

Caper fruit in 150gr, 250gr, 450gr, 600gr and 4kg packages

Πολτός κάπαρηςΠολτός λιαστής τομάταςΠολτός μαράθουΠολτός μάραθου

Syros Paste

Free of preservatives and of excellent quality, the pastes of Prekas Traditional Products are made from local herbs, according to recipes from the Cyclades island. They stimulate the palate and add a special touch to your diet.

Our fennel paste is made of fennel, olive oil, sunflower oil, salt and vinegar. A unique product from Syros with a distinctive flavor, in glass jar of 150gr, 300gr and the 600gr.

Our caper paste is made from the fruit, leaves and berries of caper in olive oil, salt and vinegar in a glass jar of 200gr.

Our sundried tomato paste is made from sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar, cinnamon and paprika pepper in glass jar of 200gr.

Our sea fennel paste made of sea fennel, olive oil, water and vinegar. Available in glass jar of 200gr.

ΣησάμιΚρίταμο ΣύρουΑγκινάρα τουρσίΛιαστή τομάταΣύκα  ξεράΚάπαρη  ξερήΑμάρανθος ΣύρουΠαστελαριά ΣύρουΧυμός τομάτας

Special Selection

We regard our special collection as our way to introduce you to the best Greece has to offer. We select products from the land of Cyclades which will captivate you with their taste and quality. Juice from tomato, Syros sea fennel, sun dried tomatoes in olive oil, pickled artichoke, fennel (very popular in the local cuisine for its leaves and aromatic seeds), Syros pastelaries (dried figs with almonds and sesame seeds), sun dried tomatoes, sesame and many more.

Tomato juice in 600gr package.

Sea fennel in 250gr package.

Sundried tomatoes in olive oil, in 270gr package.

Sundried tomatoes in 250gr, 500gr and 10kg packages.

Artichoke pickled in 270gr package.

Fennel dried in 100gr package.

Sesame roasted and baked in 200gr and 400gr packages.

Pastelaries in 250g, 500g and 10kg packages.

Dried figs in 10kg package.

Capers dry in 130gr package.

ΤραχανάςΠολτός λιαστής τομάταςΧυλοπίτεςΠένες με πολτό μάραθουΠολτός μαράθουΚοχύλιΣαφράνκριθαράκι

Syros Pasta

Quality and delicious pasta, made of pure ingredients and following traditional local recipes. Various types of Greek traditional pasta such as trahanas (frumenty) with sun dried tomato paste, chylopita with fennel paste and chylopita with sun dried paste, as well as kritharaki with saffron, pasta shells with saffron, Greek rigatoni with fennel paste, and many more are manufactured and packaged in our facilities. Try them and discover the nutritional and culinary culture of Cyclades adding it to your everyday table from tradition.

Trahanas (frumenty) with sun dried tomato paste, in 450gr and 500gr packages.

Chylopita in fennel paste, in 500gr package.

Small chylopita, in 450gr and 500gr packages.

Chylopita narrow, in 450gr and 500gr packages.

Chylopita with sun dried tomato paste, in 450gr and 500gr packages.

Greek small rigatoni in 450gr and 500gr packages.

Greek rigatoni with fennel paste in 450gr and 500gr packages.

Greek rigatoni in 500gr packages.

Krithari (orzo) with saffron in 450gr and 500gr packages.

Pasta shells with saffron in 450gr and 500gr packages.


Special Selection

limited edition

Χυμός τομάτας

Tomato juice

Κρίταμο Σύρου

Syros Sea fennel

Λιαστή τομάτα σε λάδι

Sundried tomatoes in olive oil

Αγγινάρα Τουρσί

pickled Artichoke

Μάραθος Σύρου

dried Fennel

Λιαστή τομάτα

Sundried tomatoes

Παστελαριά Σύρου

Syros Pastelaries



Μαρμελάδα παστελαριά

Pastelaria jam

Μαντολάτο με παστελαριά

Madolato with pastelaria

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Syros Pasta

our making


Chylopita pasta


Chylopita in fennel paste


Fides, a Greek traditional pasta

Κοχύλι με κρόκο (σαφράν)

Pasta shells with saffron

Χυλοπίτες με πολτό λιαστής τομάτας

Chylopita with sun dried tomato paste

Πένες με πολτό μάραθου

Greek rigatoni with fennel paste

Τραχανάς με πολτό λιαστής τομάτας

Trahanas (frumenty) with sun dried tomato paste

Κριθάρι με κρόκο (σαφράν)

Krithari (orzo) with saffron

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Syros Paste

our making

Πολτός λιαστής τομάτας

Sundried tomato paste

Πολτός κάπαρης

Caper paste

Πολτός μάραθου

Fennel paste

Πολτός κρίταμου

Sea fennel paste

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Syros Caper

Αγγουράκια κάπαρης

Caper fruit

Βλαστάρια κάπαρης

Caper sprout

Φύλλα Κάπαρης

Caper leaves


Caper berries

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Αλάτι Αφρίνα θαλασσινό

Sea salt Afrina

Άλατι φυσικό με πιπέρια

Salt mixed with natural peppers

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Syros Cheese

Αμάρανθος Σύρου

Amaranthos Syros Cheese


Marathotyraki Syros in ball

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Traditional Drinks

Λικέρ Βύσσινο

Sour Cherry Liqueur


Kanelada Liquer

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Γεύσεις Συριανού Σπιτιού

Our publication “Γεύσεις Συριανού Σπιτιού” ("Tastes of a Syros Home") gathers typical products from our land, the island of Syros, as offered by nature and produced by locals. In an effort to introduce our country and tradition, we present recipes as we inherited them, but also modern versions made by cooks who put their signature to shaping the food culture of the island.