Prekas Facilities,
Vardaka area, 84100, Hermoupolis, Syros
4 Chiou Str., Hermoupolis
Tel. +302281087556 - +302281083380
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Prekas traditional products
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Η βιοτεχνία μας στη ΣύροΚρατώντας ένα κλαδί κάπαρης

the idea

His idea to collect Greek products from every corner of Greece and the knowledge he acquired after years of tastings and exploring new flavors, led Kostas Prekas in launching his delicatessen store “PREKAS” in Syros island, featuring Greek traditional products and refined flavors that compose the gastronomic scene of Greece. Since 1993, he constantly seeks traditional Greek flavors and recipes from the Cyclades and Syros to revive them. Apart from the deli store, PREKAS is the commercial hub for all artisans in Syros.

The deli store features an impressive range of exquisite local food products which are crafted in the company’s production facilities, such as capers, fennel, rock samphire, pastelaries (dried figs with almonds and sesame seeds), sundried tomatoes, salt, pasta, artichokes and liqueurs. The main goal is to keep products as organic as possible with the least processing.

The company’s vision is to promote the gastronomic wealth of Syros, the Cyclades and Greece in general, showcasing Greek traditional products worldwide. All products manufactured by Prekas travel around the world, since the store has regular customers from abroad.

At the production facilities in Hermoupolis (the location of the old Prekas store), one may find a variety of local Syros products such as the famous Sa Michali cheese, Korres and Sykoutris delights, thyme honey made in Syros and the Cyclades, as well as a fine range of wines and liqueurs from the Cyclades. Each product is exclusively picked for its unique quality and authentic taste. Once you enter the store, you find a feast of colors and aromas which remind you of the glorious past.

In recent years, Kostas Prekas has also engaged in agriculture and the “farm to fork” philosophy to offer an authentic gustatory experience from the field, to production to the store, under his signature. More specifically, PREKAS works with local producers for the cultivation of capers, rock samphire, cheese, herbs, tomatoes, sesame and other products, ensuring the ultimate quality of raw materials and supporting the local agriculture initiatives.

His endless quest for new ideas, the constant research for new products, the solid technical background and his creative flair & passion have established PREKAS as one of the leading traditional delicatessens in Greece. In addition, Prekas enjoys collecting authentic information about Greek gastronomy, food traditions and the history of Syros from rare vintage book collections.

We invite you to this magical journey of taste exploration to discover fine flavors and rare traditional local products.

Η βιοτεχνία μας στη ΣύροΚρατώντας ένα κλαδί κάπαρης